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About Security Tag

Confession of a security tags manufacturer--Inside Story of a Security Tag Manufacturer

As a manufacturer of security tags for 12 years, I wish you purchasers know these secrets (hope my peers never see):

A security tags consists of:

1. Material (outer shield)

2. Coils

Magnetic bars


1. Material (outer shield):

Security clasps in China use these materials: ABS, PS, PC(less used).

In China's security clasp industry, factories tend to possess recycled ABS (from used plastic outer shield of TVs, cell phones and other plastics you can imagine) to produce security clasp in order to improve their profit. The problem is that the tension of recycled materials reduce 30%-60% (depending the feature of the materials), but look: the price of brand-new ABS is CNY 13000-15000 while recycled materials only cost CNY 6000-7000; therefore, the profit can increase 50%. Bad men, aren't they?

2. Coils

Let's take AM magnetic bar security clasps for example:

A magnetic bar is made up of:

1. Carbon bar

2. Copper wire

3. Capacitance

Generally, the diameter of a copper wire is 0.13-0.15mm (for AM magnetic bars), but some factories tend to use aluminum wire (copper plating). The problem is that the alarming rate of such clasps reduces 30% -50% during their way from the factory to the end users.

We want to let you know, in fact, choose us, you do not at least worry about these issues.