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Anti-theft system principle
Sep 07, 2017

The general car anti-theft system has an integrated chip, there are some open doors, when plus a trigger voltage, open the door on the output of a positive voltage to the drive circuit, inference actuator and alarm circuit. Radio remote control is an important component of anti-theft system, is the use of radio signals to remote various institutions controlled Telecontrol equipment. These signals are received by remote receiving equipment, can command or drive other kinds of corresponding mechanical or electronic equipment, to complete a variety of operations, such as circuit, moving the handle, motor, and then by these machines to carry out the necessary operation. And with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, anti-theft system now launched the most powerful function is also the most customer requirements of the function is "by pressing the remote control of the lock key car anti-theft system will automatically enter the Anti-Theft alert status, if the door is illegally opened, ignition, vibration or the tail box was illegally opened, Auto Burglar alarm system will automatically send the alarm message or call to the preset number to ensure the safety of the car. ”