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Components of RF anti-theft system equipment
Sep 07, 2017

EAS is a detector, decoder, unlock device, handheld tester and other components: ①, detectors: by transmitting antenna, receiving antenna, power box composition; usually installed in the export. ②, decoder: Remote sensing decoding of soft tags, with the use of decoder board, can also use the POS laser platform built-in coil (silent, alarm, warning three kinds of technology). ③, unlock device: On the cashier with strong magnetic force to make mechanical hard label out of the product. ④, Accessories: A, can decode the label (Soft label): Apply to department stores, audio-visual, books, etc. (disposable) B, the non-decoding label (hard tag): Applicable to clothing, bags, shoes, milk powder, wine, etc., CD, cigarettes, etc. (can be reused). C, hand-held tester.

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