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Reasons for the popularization of RF anti-theft system
Sep 07, 2017

1, optional supermarkets, storage-type retail stores continue to increase, to bring convenience to customers at the same time, the situation of the loss of goods is increasingly serious. 2, the traditional people stare at people, monitoring and other "air defense" technology, because people are easy to stare at the fatigue and in the big stores, people flow more, in fact, can not play an effective anti-theft effect. At the same time, in order to reduce losses, we have to increase the number of people to look at the field, the extra increase in shopping malls. 3, the traditional "air defense" technology, to customers a sense of being monitored. Has not really created a relaxed, free shopping environment. and the "Material prevention, technical protection" change has played an accurate and effective anti-theft effect, but also can staff pressure at the same time to create a comfortable shopping environment for customers.