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Wire Ropes--Classification of contact State of steel wire in strand
Sep 07, 2017

The contact state between adjacent layers of steel wire in the unit is divided into 3 kinds: Point contact, line contact or surface contact.

① Point Contact Wire Rope: the diameter of the steel wire is the same, each layer of steel wire twist angle is the same, different twist distance, so the inner and outer layer of steel wire cross each other, a point of contact state.

② Line Contact Wire Rope: The strands of each layer of steel wire twist from the same twist angle, the inner and outer layer of wire contact with each other in a spiral, the line contact state. Under the same conditions, the service life of line contact wire rope is longer than that of point contact wire rope.

③ compaction type wire rope, formerly known as Face contact wire rope, wire rope twist process, through forging, drawing and so on, the formation of contact between steel wire, including stock rope compaction, wire rope compaction and rope stock double compaction.

④ sealed steel Wire Rope: outer layer is made of profiled steel wire, including T-type S Z-section structure of steel wire, smooth surface, good wear resistance, and the same diameter of other types of wire rope, the tensile strength is larger, and can withstand lateral pressure, but the flexibility is poor, the process is more complex, high manufacturing costs, com

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