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Rongtoc Company Is Doing What ?
Oct 30, 2017

Rongtoc company is doing what ?1(001).jpg

So start it, this is our company, rongtoc,

1. Founded in 2004

2. 230 employees

3. 12 production lines

4. Daily output 400000/day

So we all have a question, Rongtoc just a production security tags company ?

Why choose us ?

Here, I want to say a hong kong trade company. the year before, this hong kong company to find me,because their security hard tag pulling force were instable and substandard before, which lost a lot of money, he want me to help solve this problem.

And then we are helped them design a new steel lock.

Design steel lock: Test report :

Because this new design, the company  get more profit and more customers, and now this company and we have been working for the third year.

So why choose us ?

Just production security tag ? No, we can do more.