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Security Flag
Sep 07, 2017

According to the safety signs and guidelines for their use (gb2894-2008), safety signs: Symbols used to express specific security information, consisting of graphical symbols, security colors, geometric shapes (borders), or text.

The safety sign is to warn the staff of the dangerous condition of the workplace or the surroundings, and instruct people to adopt the reasonable behavior mark. Safety signs can alert staff against hazards, thereby avoiding accidents, and when they occur, can instruct people to flee as quickly as possible, or instruct people to take correct, effective and efficient measures to deter harm. The safety sign is not only the type to be in accordance with the warning content, and the location should be correct and reasonable, otherwise it is difficult to fully play its warning role.

From August 1, 2015 onwards, China will implement the revised GB 13495.1-2015 "Fire Safety signs part 1th: Flag" national standards.

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