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Use Of Security Flags
Sep 07, 2017

(1) Danger signs are only installed in places where there is a direct danger and are used to indicate that there is danger.

(2) The prohibition of symbols or the description of words to indicate a mandatory order to prohibit certain acts.

(3) Warning signs indicate danger by symbols or words, indicating that they must act with caution or describe dangerous attributes.

(4) The safety indicator signs are used to indicate the location of the security facility and the security service, and to give the main safety instructions and recommendations related to security measures here.

(5) Fire signs are used to specify the location of fire services and fire alarms and to specify how these facilities can be used.

(6) Directional signs are used to indicate normal and emergency exits, fire escapes and safety facilities, safety services and the direction of the toilets.

(7) Traffic signs are used to indicate to the staff the instructions and warnings relating to traffic safety.

(8) Information signs are used to indicate specific attributes, such as car parks, warehouses or telephone rooms.

(9) Mandatory action signs are used to indicate orders for the performance of certain acts and the precautionary measures that need to be taken. For example, wear protective shoes, helmets, goggles and so on.