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Where To Install The Security Flag
Sep 07, 2017

(1) To prevent the occurrence of hazardous accidents. The first thing to consider: all signs of the installation location can not exist for human harm.

(2) Visibility, the choice of the logo installation location is important, the information displayed on the logo is not only correct, but also legible to all observers.

(3) Installation height. Usually the logo should be fitted to the observer at a slightly higher level of view, but in some cases it would be appropriate to place it in other horizontal positions.

(4) Hazard and warning signs. Hazard and warning signs should be set in front of the hazard source sufficiently far to ensure that the observer has sufficient time to see the sign and notice the danger for the first time, which varies depending on the circumstances. For example, warnings should not be made to the signs of switches or other electrical equipment, but should be set near them, and the markings on the Dachang or on the road should be positioned far enough ahead of the hazardous area to ensure that such warnings can be observed before reaching the danger zone to be prepared.

(5) The safety sign should not be set on a moving object, such as a door, because any change in the position of the object will cause the observation of the mark to become blurred.

(6) Signs that have been installed should not be arbitrarily moved unless the position changes to the warning effect of the sign.